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Chapter Library


Through the  donations of our members, The Compassionate Friends Fayetteville Area Chapter  has a lending library of well over 100 books, videos (in various media formats) and audio tapes and CDs.

Borrowing an Item:  We have a library box at the meeting place. This box is available at each monthly meeting.  Members of theTCF Fayetteville Area Chapter may borrow one at that time.

Donating an Item:  Many of the items in our media library have been donated by members.  If you would like to donate an item, your donation will be specially marked as being donated in memory of your child.

More Information:  A complete list of our inventory is coming soon; for more information about this list, or about anything pertaining to our lending library, please speak with one of our facilitators or committee members after your next meeting or send an email to our Group Leader via the contact information available through the 'Contact Us' portion of the menu bar.

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